The Forsaken

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For years the witches and vampires of Shadowbrooke managed to co-exist, secretly, without much incident. Until one winter evening in 1990. Luca Delacroix was on a hunting trip when the monthly court hosted by his clan turned disastrous. What began as a normal night for the residence of the sleepy town ended horribly when fledgelings in blood-lust, took Shadowbrooke under siege. It took a small coven of witches, a powerful spell, the Chaos Star and a virgin’s blood, to put an end to the terror. But in the aftermath, Julian Delacroix, Luca’s brother, along with several of their clan members were eternally bound to the manor’s cellar, forsaken to wither and perish from thirst.


Luca’s returned to Shadowbrooke after two decades. His sudden reappearance threatens to destabilise the peaceful town once again. He’ll stop at nothing to get his brother out, and the Youngblood Coven will not hesitate to destroy him. While the witches scramble to get the missing piece of the Chaos Star, the weapon they once used against Luca’s clan, he has to fight hard to stay one step ahead of them.

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