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Natalie Taylor is in big financial trouble, and she needs a lot of cash fast. So when a chance to make the kind of money she needs in a short space of time lands on her lap, she knows it’s too good to be true. But, with limited options, what other choice does she have?

Natalie has one goal when she signs up with Dreams: to make as much money as possible and get out fast. She’s not looking for adventure nor hoping for love.

Days into her moonlighting job, though, her focus and determination are shaken when she runs into her biggest problem yet—Levi Van Holt, heir to a mega-million hotel chain and CEO of a gaming startup. Levi is everything she wants in a man. Handsome, accomplished and generous.

Harbouring secrets of his own, Levi has one rule for his companion: no falling in love. But with their desires constantly tested the longer they are in each other’s company, it doesn’t take long for both their lives—real and secret— to converge, and the lines between illusion and reality begin to blur.

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