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48 000 Big Ones



Back home, Frankie accepted an opportunity to deliver a photo of the Sphinx to the office building. So once again, she was off, jet setting the world on a very tight budget.

screenshot-23 screenshot-9 screenshot-19 screenshot-45 screenshot-31

In Al Simhara Frankie took quite a few photographs and reached level 10 in photography. She used the last of her money to buy a better quality camera and she even snuck in some tomb raiding.



That’s Frankie’s WTF look.

The office building liked the photograph of the Sphinx so much they were willing to pay 48 000 big ones for it, leaving Frankie (and myself) overwhelmed by this sudden fortune.


She got over the shock quickly, because not even five minutes after finding out she’s not poor anymore, she had no problem spending her sudden fortune, splurging on a meal at the Bistro.

Side note: this is the first time Frankie eats anything that’s not a Garden salad. Progress!

45 Lupin Lane, Aurora Skies



I had such a hard time choosing a world to play. For a second I was tempted to play Bridgeport, since in generation 2 I’ll need nightclubs and bars and I didn’t want to go through the tedious job of playing Late Night lots in chosen world. But then I thought of Krisis, and Bridgeport will always be my Krisis world, I can never play it without thinking about my characters. So, for that reason, Frankie Hightower ended up at #45 Lupin Lane, Aurora Skies. To say she hates her new digs is an understatement. Yeah, I admit, it’s not my best work, but when you only have $8000, your options are kinda limited.


And there it is, ladies and more ladies (and some gents, I hope). The place where it all starts. The dream. Her little Vermont (all she needs now is a Fitz). She’ll never be mayor, but she can make jam at least and be happy.

Back to the place, it has all the required cheap furniture to get her started, and she has about $2000 left to buy herself a cheap camera.




After settling in, Frankie went to the consignment store next door. While there, waiting for the store clerk to show up, she decided to try her hand at drawing, until a ghost appeared and Frankie lost her shit and passed out. I’m starting to get worried about that “coward” trait. I hope she doesn’t pass out for every little thing.


As soon as she regained conciousness, Frankie bought the camera and got the hell out of dodge. Don’t think she’ll be visiting the place anytime soon. Not with the ghosts lurking around.


She stopped at the park on her way home. She’s awfully addicted to that phone, she whips it out every chance she gets.


And she found this Lilac Breasted Roller. Apparently it’s very rare and it can sell for a whooping $864. Too bad the only way she can make money is through her photography skill. Guess she’ll keep the bird and pass it on to future generations, like a family heirloom. Yep, no diamonds here, just birds…

New Legacy


I know, I know, this is probably my 100000202020202 attempt at a legacy. I can’t promise I’ll see it all the way to the end, but I do promise I’ll be awesome at it, for however long it keeps going.


Anyway, this is Frankie Hightower (IKR, how aristocratic!). She’s our founder. She’ll own a world-renowned gallery some day, but until then she just has to be content with being a starving artist. Frankie is single and looking. Her star sign is Scorpio and don’t ask me anything about her rising star and setting moons. She’s into Dark Wave music, loves the color black, and her favorite food is stirfry, even though she’s never eaten one before since she has zero cooking skills at the moment.

Frankie has a nice mix of good and not-so good traits: Artistic, clumsy, photographer’s eye, coward &  she loves to swim.

And I think that covers the awkward the introduction/first meeting.