Blowing Bubbles



With her love life in a messy state, Frankie resorts to living vicariously through the characters in A Magnetic Attraction. Nothing better than a trashy/erotica/romance novella to get her all hot and bothered!



Frankie left Adam alone for a day or two, giving him a chance to contact her, and when he didn’t, she took matters into her own hands and called him. But he blew her off. She ended up at Mick’s Corner, singing her lungs out.



The bar was morbidly empty. But her mama (I) didn’t raise a quitter. So Frankie drank on and the bartender kept them coming.



Drinking alone is never fun though, so Frankie ended up in the basement blowing snorting bubbles.



Somehow Johan ended up in the basement  as well. He had flowers, and he was so sweet and Frankie forgot he’s married.

screenshot-326 screenshot-329

One thing led to another, and by the time Johan realized what was happening, it was way too late, Frankie had already snapped their ‘couple’ selfies. Now he can only hope Frankie doesn’t post the pics online or there’ll be hell to pay with Mrs. Wrede.


Shortly thereafter, Johan took her home. Frankie can scratch out riding in a police cruiser from her bucket list, turns out Johan is a cop. This has made him a whole lot more attractive in her eyes.



Frankie convinced Johan to come in for a nightcap…in her bedroom. Things got out of hand quickly, Johan felt very uncomfortable and he decided to leave. Not sure what he was expecting when he followed her to the bedroom.


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