Go Big or Stay Home




Day 2 opens with Frankie in the kitchen. I foresee a lot of Garden salads in her future since she’s running low on cash and she can’t cook.Screenshot-159

First set of bills arrives shortly after her green breakfast, and Frankie’s looking a little worried there, if she doesn’t work soon she’ll have to start selling her furniture to pay off the bills.


The weather cleared up on day 3, and by the end of the first week Frankie had made enough money for a trip to China. Might have been a bit irresponsible on my side considering she’s $450 away from being officially broke, but I figured she won’t make a lot of money from the photos she takes in the home world…So it was time to go big or stay home and starve.





While in China, Frankie met Johan (potential spouse) Wrede.

Turns out Aurora Skies is not the only thing they have in common, they’re both crazy about cat videos. So naturally things escalated rather quickly even though Johan is happily married and six days away from being a senior citizen.


Romance aside, Frankie managed to take some profitable photos, the one of the  Dragon Cave was the most lucrative, netting her $1200, and she managed to level up the photography skill. So it was a good trip overall, and by the time she returned to Aurora Skies she’d made close to $4000 and she’s on level 7 in the photography skill.


    1. IKR! I think I made the right choice (judging from the next post) by going into photography. Making money is not as hard as I thought it would be.

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