New Legacy


I know, I know, this is probably my 100000202020202 attempt at a legacy. I can’t promise I’ll see it all the way to the end, but I do promise I’ll be awesome at it, for however long it keeps going.


Anyway, this is Frankie Hightower (IKR, how aristocratic!). She’s our founder. She’ll own a world-renowned gallery some day, but until then she just has to be content with being a starving artist. Frankie is single and looking. Her star sign is Scorpio and don’t ask me anything about her rising star and setting moons. She’s into Dark Wave music, loves the color black, and her favorite food is stirfry, even though she’s never eaten one before since she has zero cooking skills at the moment.

Frankie has a nice mix of good and not-so good traits: Artistic, clumsy, photographer’s eye, coward & Β she loves to swim.

And I think that covers the awkward the introduction/first meeting.


    1. Yeah, I saw this challenge on Tumblr yesterday morning and I was inspired to play again! But I think I’m ready to fail it though since Frankie is running low on funds and pretty soon she’ll have to start selling things bit by bit until she has nothing left. Hopefully it doesn’t get to that. It’s so much fun, I highly recommend you try it.

      1. ~ Can she only make money of her career?
        ~ Can’t she go out collecting, & sell what she finds? My Sims would literally die with out that option!
        ~ I would try it,but still waiting on DS to fix my PC, do not have Sims 3 on my laptop! (“,)

        1. ~Yeah hey, only through her career. All the stuff she collects I just leave in her inventory, like the birds and snakes and gems here and there. I’m hoping the heir/heiress in gen 2 will inherit them and then sell them off. Not sure if that’s allowed though, the rules are a bit vague for gen 2.
          ~Ah man, tell Aaron to get his butt in gear, it’s more fun when a lot of people do the challenge πŸ™

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